Track user feedback and turn it in product optimization

Feedback scout is more than just a feedback tracking tool – it’s a better way to understand what your customers want. Teams that switched to FeedbackScout are building more successful products than ever before. And they are more efficient than before.

Create feedback boards

Create as many boards as you want to collect customer feedback, such as ‘feature requests’ or ‘bug reports’.

  • Public boards for everyone
  • Private boards for company members (Comming soon)

Collect Feedback

Collect feedback on a dedicated feedback board and let people vote on features. Over time, you will see a clear picture of what you should put next to the pipeline.

  • Group similar requests (In development)
  • Discuss the details before starting to implement a feature and build good relationships with your customers
  • Automatically inform all voters about changes

Analyze feedback

Easily identify which features are most requested.

  • Get an idea what your customers want
  • Find real problems and solve them
  • Comment on posts to get more insights. Clarify the scope of a feature and potential effort required


Communicate upcoming features by sharing your roadmap and showing what are you working on.

  • Get feedback on your product roadmap
  • Show that your product keeps moving in the right direction
  • Notify customers about new features to keep them engaged